10-wk Live Spring 2022 Collective + Video Recordings + Mock Exam + Homework course


*Update* Class for tonight is moved to tomorrow night, same time same place! We have a sick Liat!*

Welcome to our 10-wk Live Spring 2022 Collective + Video Recordings + Mock Exam + Homework course.

What to Expect:

  • Twice weekly meetings held on the Zoom platform. You can access Zoom through their website Zoom.us or by downloading the app for iOS/Android devices. Zoom sessions will be held on ​ Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7CST.
  • Each Zoom session will range in duration (#measurement) from 90-120 minutes.The night of the session don’t log in at 6:49 pm and expect to get in, we start recording right at 7 pm so that means we don’t unlock the room until 7, so save yourself the frustration and save us an email and just wait till it starts, I promise we will have a few moments of shooting the shit before we jump right in so it’s ok, take a breath.
  • To get into class all you have to do is ​ click the links under LINKS TO CLASS (located in your outline below, as well as in your course), to join us. No password to enter, just use that link. What we would suggest is to download this document to your pc, phone, wherever you plan to log in from so that you are not scrambling the night of class to try to log into your account to find this doc.
  • Class format: ​ please save your questions for the end of class. ​ We recommend keeping a post-it note next to you during class so that you do not forget your questions. Most likely your question will be answered as we teach. Trust in your girls 🙂 You can also ask any pertinent questions in the chat that is managed by two BCBA’s!

For any other options, check the website. It’s there for you Boo: StudynotesABA
For any account help or questions, please email contact@studynotesaba.com


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Course Includes

  • 24 Lessons
  • 68 Topics
  • 1 Quiz