But Seriously, WTF is SNABA’s Live Collective?

You’ve heard this word “Collective” tossed around the Study Notes ABA (SNABA) world forever, but WTF does it mean? Is it a cult? Will it help you or hurt you? If you are confused, please read on… We don’t want you to hurt your brain, boo!

Live Collective
The live collective is where it’s at! The collective refers to 20 LIVE classes with some of our best teachers here at SNABA. The classes are 90-120 minutes twice a week (typically Monday and Wednesday night). Each class is different, but in total will cover the ENTIRE task list 5. Now, this isn’t like school content-this is all about providing relatable and realistic examples of hard content. The examples used in class are sure to stick with you to easily recall during testing! We strive to increase your level of understanding by keeping it real, raw, and relatable!

Sign up for our Live Collective HERE

Recorded Collective
If meeting twice a week is a hard commitment that doesn’t fit into your busy schedule, the recordings are the way to go! If you choose this option you will have access to the recorded live classes for 4 months from the start of the Live Collective. With this option you can move at your own speed. Watch 20 minutes per night, cram it all in on a Saturday morning, whatever works for you!

Buy a recording HERE!

2.5 Month Bundle : (Digital Study “Must-Haves” Bundle)
Want to take it up a notch? The 2.5 month option gives you access to videos for 2.5 months, plus a full mini mock bundle, a full mock of your choice (either A, B or C), and the homework packet.
Talk about being prepared for the test!


Why TF does any of this matter? Why do you need to pay for additional study materials, videos, mocks, etc?? Well, I’m impressed that you asked. Here are just a few reasons why purchasing the collective in any form might be a good idea.

Who keeps you accountable for studying? If you join the collective, the teachers will make sure that you stay on track for studying areas of the task list 5th edition.

What’s awesome about the collective is that you’ll meet and interact with other people who are in the same boat as you. They might be first time testers, repeat testers, either way, they are just like you and need help mastering those topics!

You’ll get the opportunity at the end of each class to ask the instructors about topics covered within the course. Not sure if the example you have matches the concept? Ask away.

How to Test
Not only do the instructors cover content, they give you tips and tricks specific to how to test. I’m not going to give these away, you have to find out for yourself.

Question Dissection
Completed a mock and have no idea how the right answer to you is so wrong? The collective is a great place to bring up that question and learn how to pick it apart.

Check out the Question Dissections HERE

Now head over to studynotesaba.com and purchase a collective!

Check out this video “Sneak Peek of the Collective” on our YouTube channel.

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