ABA: All Day Everyday

I seriously use ABA everyday of my life.

Working in ABA has seriously changed my life. It had taught me patience, how to be flexible and has taught me so many other lessons. I never realized how much I use ABA in my day to day life, until the other day when my fiancé said “STOP PROMPTING ME WITH YOUR ABA”

Lol I deff was giving partial verbal prompts all day to clean the house. I started thinking about all the ways I use ABA without realizing it. It’s taken over my life and tbh I’m not mad about it ?‍♀️

Here’s a list of ways I use ABA everyday:

-my two doggos are the loves of my life, but they run off every time they go outside ? so, I’ve started only giving treats when they go directly outside and come back the first time I call them.

-my cat loves to bite (he’s semi evil) in order to escape being held. You bet your a** I maintain the environment until he stops biting (my hands are sooo scratched and bit up)!

(Proof of his evil nature! Also disregard my annoying voice/no makeup face it was a lazy Sunday over winter break)

-my fiancé is the greatest man alive but he leaves his clothes all over my damn house!!! Do I reinforce this by cleaning up after him? HELL NO! I leave it, and heavily reinforce when he cleans it up with praise and extra kisses ?

Do you use ABA every day even out of session? If so comment below and let us know how!

Love ya babes. Mean it.

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